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My Secret to Being More Productive… in 60 Seconds or Less


How to be more productive…

For years I would ask myself, “How am I ever going to get it all done?”

I have so much to do… as an architect, as a leader… as a husband and a dad. And what about all my big plans? How am I ever going to reach for my many dreams? There’s just not enough time to get it all done.

Well, I have one very important suggestion for you. It’s a secret that I’ve discovered after decades of research. It’s what all the really productive “cool kids” are doing to get things done.

Ready? Give me sixty seconds on the timer… Go!

Step 1: Turn off the television.

Step 2: Go do something more productive.

Well, OK… This is sort of a joke… but, not really. The day I decided to stop watching television (which was NOT easy… TV watching is in my blood.) and started reaching for my dreams, was the day my life changed forever.

Give it a try. Turn it off and go make good things happen.


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#EntreArchitectChat Transcript 112812

Topic | Your Online Presence: Websites and Social Media

A complete transcript of tonight’s #EntreArchitectChat Twitter Chat may be downloaded in PDF format here.

Do You Tweet?

From Architectural Record:

It seems like everyone these days is constantly plugged into their technological devices, tweeting their whereabouts, Facebooking their statuses, and publicizing anything and everything about themselves. Companies are even engaged in the phenomenon, using social media tools to market their products and services. But for architects, do these online pursuits pay off?

Design firms that have integrated social media into their practices report a spike in interest in their work — particularly from journalists, publishers, and other architects. However, few can say their efforts have directly led to new projects … yet. Social media is so new to the profession that it may take a few years before the benefits can be measured, but some firms are investing now with high hopes for future rewards.

Read more.

Being present online and social networking has worked for us at Fivecat Studio.

About three hundred people read my Living Well in Westchester blog every day. Several past and future clients have become our “fans” on Facebook and we’ve received several new inquires for residential projects directly referencing Twitter as their source.

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