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How do your clients find YOU?

At the end of an interview with a prospective client, I ask them to complete a short questionnaire. Most of the questions are names, address and telephone numbers, but near the bottom of the page is this question, “How did you learn about Fivecat Studio?”

The question is followed by a few choices, “Magazine or Newspaper?”, “Lawn Signs?”, “Internet?”, or “Other?”. I track this information and have found that most of our clients start their search for an architect at Google. Although, many of our projects are referred by happy clients, without a doubt, the majority of our prospects find Fivecat Studio on the Internet.

How do your clients find YOU?


Fivecat Studio: Interviewed on WVOX 1460AM

Last week, Marsha Gordon, President and CEO of the Business Council of Westchester, invited me to join her at WVOX 1460AM in New Rochelle, NY. I enjoyed speaking with her about Fivecat Studio, the business of architecture and our annual campaign to support local animal shelters, Pillows of Puppies.

Still Goin’ Fast

Michael Kaufman is a life long friend. We grew up snowmobiling and racing cars. Today, he’s a successful real estate broker in Manhattan… and he’s still going fast.

This past week he was featured on New York Residential on the WB11 (WPIX-NY). Once you click the link above, scroll down to “107 – The Style Sheet”.

What do you do for fun?

Online PR

This is how blogs work. Thanks Bob.

Promote Thyself

My friend Vermont Architect Bob Swinburne is working hard. He’s designing some very interesting work, getting it built (sometimes that’s the hardest part) and winning design awards. Sounds like the foundation of a successful firm to me. Thing is, he lives and works in Brattleboro, VT. Residential architects are not in high demand and its tough to build a successful firm on local projects.

I think he’s on the right track though. He built a nice website and started blogging. The keys to a successful firm is to do good work (a prerequisite) and then show your work to the rest of the world. If you look at the most successful firms you know, chances are they are very good at promoting themselves.

If Dan Rockhill can build a successful firm in Lecompton, Kansas, Bob can spread the word of his work from Brattleboro. Promote thyself Bob, promote thyself.

Release your Firm to the Press

Looking for some press coverage? Writing a good press release and including quality photography will help get you published. Here are a few ideas for your next press release:

  1. Announce a new commission.
  2. Announce new employees.
  3. Announce your firm’s work with local charities.
  4. Announce your firm’s awards.
  5. Announce an event or seminar.

Editors avoid self promotional pieces, so make sure your release is considered news.

Read more articles about publicity and public relations at

BAM…Publicity Generated!

Last week, I posted my favorite business and marketing blogs. Catching my link to his blog, Scott Ginsberg took a tour through Entrepreneur Architect and found my post referencing a recent article in Architect magazine about getting publicity. He left an interesting comment.

At his blog, Scott “shares ideas, stories and observations from his speeches, articles and books on how to MAXIMIZE personal and professional approachability – one conversation at a time.”

A self-proclaimed “pseudo-publicity whore”, here is Scott’s take on the subject of press releases.

Press releases suck because:

1. They give no value
2. About a million of them come out every day
3. They’re time constrained
4. Nobody cares

I’ve done them. Unless you’re a huge company, they don’t work.

Now, maybe I don’t know how to write them. I’m sure a big PR firm who knows how to position a press release to the right media might work, but that’s a lot of money.

WSJ, FastCompany, COSMO, Inc., all those pubs I was QUOTED in because I was an EXPERT. The way you become an EXPERT is by blogging EVERY SINGLE DAY and WRITING on your area of expertise in the form of article, blogs, ebooks, etc. If you do that every day for 6 months, they will seek you out.

(I think.)

What do you think of Scott’s 6-month publicity generation program? He walks the talk and here I am telling you all about him.

BAM…publicity generated!

Getting Publicity

The February issue of Architect magazine includes an article written by Fred Bernstein titled, Getting The Publicity You Need.

In December, Claire Whitaker closed the doors of The Kreisberg Group, a P.R. firm she lead as president for five years, and moved across town to her new position as the head of public relations for the Pritzker Prize winning architect, Santiago Calatrava. Here are six tips from the article for architects trying to attract publicity without spending a lot of money.

1. Send out regular mailings.

2. Publicize losing competition entries.

3. Piggyback on your clients PR budget.

4. Talk to the client in advance about whether you’ll be allowed to publish.

5. Word of mouth is the most important thing.

6. Get friendly with journalists but don’t plague them.

Check out this month’s issue of Architect magazine for the entire article.

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