The Rise of the Entrepreneur Architect


In October 2011, a request went out to architects and designers all across the country to submit no more than 60 words on the future of residential architecture in America.  When you click on the link, you will see submissions by 65 people from dozens of states.  The submitters include architects, writers, unlicensed designers, members of the AIA and those who are not.  This book was “launched” at the Congress of Residential Architecture’s 8th annual gathering at Reinvention, Friday December 9th, in Phoenix.

I was honored to be one of the original 65 people selected for the book. Here are my 60 Words:

The future of residential architecture will thrive with the rise of Entrepreneur Architects pushing the boundaries of traditional practice; taking it to new heights. Recovering their status as “leader”, architects will offer society realistic solutions to global problems. Entrepreneur Architects will use their unique skills to alter the future of civilization AND be proudly profitable while doing it.

The future of residential architecture… what are YOUR 60 words?


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