What would you do with an extra day each week?

As I sat here in “my chair” flipping through a list of recent DVR recordings, I had a disturbing thought. “How much time do I actually spend in this yellow (yes, “French’s Mustard” yellow) mid-century modern armchair?”

You see, I come from a TV family. It’s in my genes. I think I may have plasma running through my veins (Ha! Get it? Plasma… in my veins…In fact, you do too.). For generations, LePages have retired to the tube for a little after-dinner entertainment each night. It’s a great way for one to clear the mind and unwind from a stressful day at the office.

Well, I’ve done some calculations, and the results are rather disturbing.

After filling the dishwasher and running the kids off to bed, I typically hit the chair around eight PM. The DVR gets a work out and, at around midnight, I head back up to bed. That’s four hours per evening, every evening… seven days a week. Is that a lot?

That’s twenty eight hours per week; a whole day of hours, plus two. A whole day! Every week.

So, if I cut out the TV completely, I would actually gain an extra day. Just imagine what you could accomplish with an eighth day each week.

Wait, it gets worse…

If I take two weeks off for vacations and other days “not watching”, and multiply twenty eight hours by fifty weeks… that’s fourteen hundred hours of TV watching every year. Is THAT a lot? Yes… that is a lot of TV.

That is fifty eight days of TV watching every year. That’s down right embarrassing! I spend TWO MONTHS every year sitting in my chair watching television. (Thank you Dr. Blog… I feel much better now.)

In my defense, I do multi-task. I update my “social media empire” for Fivecat Studio and write interesting (or disturbing) blog posts like this one each night… but still.

Not good.

I’ll be making some changes… Expect big things from me in the next 14 months. (That’s one year in human time.)


Question: What would YOU do with an extra day each week?


2 Responses to “What would you do with an extra day each week?”

  1. 1 JC July 26, 2012 at 9:37 PM

    These days, I would sleep, how great it would be to sleep!

  2. 2 Joshua Lloyd July 26, 2012 at 9:37 PM

    I have cut out a lot of TV watching this summer. Except for my Friday night movies, like you I need that down time to just relax or as I tell my wife “decompress”. So I hope to keep it up come fall & winter and not be tempted by the new shows and use the time for good.

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