Is Our Profession Really Experiencing a “Meltdown”?

Many of you have probably already read this article posted to this past Saturday. There have also been a few similar articles written in the New York Times and WSJ.

Is our profession really experiencing an all-out “meltdown”, or are we no worse than most other businesses and industries trying to survive the most depressed economy since the Great Depression? (Many claim it is even worse than the Depression, but that is not the topic I want to discuss here.)

It is bad, no doubt. Painfully bad!, but is the profession collapsing to the point where young creatives have no chance of ever becoming practicing architects? Are we at the point when the practicing architects should give it all up and follow other paths?

Or… must we evolve, expand, grow and reclaim our profession? Must we take control of our destinies and reconstruct the Practice of Architecture for the generations of creative professions to come?

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