BUILD LLC… the documentary

Check out the new short film documenting the life and times of the Seattle-based architecture firm, BUILD LLC. It is beautifully done.

A film like this can be used for so many purposes. First, it documents a specific time in the life of this specific firm. Andrew, Kevin and their team will have a great record of what they were thinking in the early days of BUILD LLC.

It is fantastic for marketing. How many firms have a well produced documentary film created for them? I would not be surprised when the online video goes viral. People love video and love to share.

It will help sales too. When prospects view the video, they quickly learn about the firm’s work and philosophy. They see and hear the partners talk about their love for what they do and the passion they have for being “architects that build”. When a prospect finally meets the partners to discuss their project, they will feel a sense of familiarity and comfort. They will have context.

What do you think about the film? Have you done anything similar? Have you seen other firms use video to spread the word?

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