How I Use Social Media

Although not technically “social media”, I have been blogging at since 2006. I have had many clients remark that they read my blog and felt that they had grown to know me before we actually met. For me, that alone makes it worth the time required to post on a weekly basis.

Recently, I have been much more active on facebook, and Twitter, It takes less effort than the blog, but I find that I have a much smaller audience. I use facebook to post firm news and updates on current projects. When I interview with prospects I direct them to not only, but our facebook page. People seem to enjoy seeing the progress of active projects.

I have found that Twitter is great for communicating with local business people and other networks I find interesting. I also use Twitter to distribute informative links to my followers. If nothing else, Twitter is a lot of fun.

The above web presence is all support for my firm, but I also use the platforms to support my interest in business success and the practice of architecture. I post to this blog when I have something worth writing about. I use facebook ( to post and store business focused links and video. I also tweet at and follow more business minded and inspirational tweeters. As you may have noticed, the business of architecture is where my passion lies.

All of this web presence helps my Google ranking tremendously. If you search “Fivecat Studio”, “Mark R. LePage” or “Entrepreneur Architect”, it’s all me. More importantly though, search “Westchester Architects” (which is the term that my clients are using to search for a firm) and you’ll find Fivecat Studio on the first page. This is important to our success. We need to be there. More than 80% of our prospects say that they found us on the Internet.


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