Non-Traditional Architecture Firms

A member of our Linkedin group, Entrepreneur Architect, posted a response to my discussion, “Learning From Other Industries: Could an architecture firm be successfully structured to run like a high-end salon?”.

Amy Burke, NCARB is a member of a design group named Hyperform Design Co-op located just outside Denver, Colorado. Hyperform is an informal collaborative with approximately 50 members and shared studio space.

Members of the co-op (architects, designers, landscape architects, artists, etc.) come together as necessary and build teams to meet the requirements of each specific RFP. Between projects, they share resources, network and continue their education with planned events… and clearly they work together for PR and marketing.

Amy shared a link to an article in the current issue of Architect magazine that discusses several start-up firms with unique business structures, including her own group, Hyperform Design Co-op.

(Thanks Amy.)

What are your thoughts? Do you think a co-op like Hyperform can be a successful firm structure? Do you have other examples of non-traditional firm structures?

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