An Architects’ Manifesto

I have received this from several sources. Is this the beginning of a movement in the architectural profession?


As architects have become increasingly marginalized in influence and worth to our culture, neither academia nor journalism has supported the historic role of the profession as a consistent voice of value in construction.  Rather than provide exposure of social relevance and innovative engagement, these beacons and mirrors of our profession remain focused on a cult of personalities and abstract formal expression. Promoting an exclusive orthodoxy, these previously objective platforms for diversity, contextual influences and craft position the profession of architecture as an elitist endeavor – a disastrous image in a time of economic distress.

Not surprisingly, all levels of government have responded to society’s increasing perception of our profession’s irrelevancy by creating an ever-tightening web of regulatory oversight. The perceived incapacity of architects to provide holistic, relevant building design has allowed government to sanction alternatives to the use of licensed architects.

Read the entire document here.

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