Architects Can Learn Much from Other Industries

What can we learn from other industries to make the traditional architectural and construction processes better?

Hospitals are filled with checklists and other systems to make sure that every step of a procedure is done correctly. NASCAR racing teams also use checklists and directives from multiple layers of team members, each with their own specialty. Toyota uses their Product Development System, also known as Lean Manufacturing, to make every subsequent product better than the last.

At Fivecat Studio, we are developing a Project Manual, filled with checklists, that will make every design process more efficient and will assure that every project is well built.

What are you doing to be more efficient? What systems are you implementing to be sure your clients are happy? Are you learning from other industries?

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1 Response to “Architects Can Learn Much from Other Industries”

  1. 1 NC February 17, 2010 at 2:01 AM

    This is what I do in my office:

    Continous review of drawings and details. A set of completed project is placed on a dedicated table and we all go there to red line, comments or stick sketches on it so we can improve in our next job.

    Interview client with a check list see if we fit.

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