LEED AP… Just Good Business

With almost every prospective client I meet, the subject of green building is raised. Sustainable architecture is quickly becoming a top priority for clients. Architects need to listen carefully and respond with services meeting owners’ expectations. It’s just good business.

This thursday and friday, I am attending a LEED accreditation workshop provided by AIA Westechester/Mid-Hudson. We have been working with several clients on green projects and see many more coming down the pipe. Having LEED AP added to the AIA following my name will quickly and clearly communicate to prospective clients that my firm is dedicated to meeting their green expectations.

Are you interested in becoming a LEED Accredited Professional? Go to USGBC.org for more information.


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  1. 1 A Green Badge of Honor « Entrepreneur Architect Trackback on June 24, 2008 at 8:44 PM
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