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About Soloso:

The AIA beta launched Soloso in May 2007 as a centralized knowledge and content acquisition experience. The site is more than a series of linked Web pages it is a research tool that, over time, will become a premiere resource for information about architecture and the profession. Soloso will house member content, AIA contributed content, and third party content. All of the content is accessible through three search mediums, the ThinkMap, the scroll tape, and the typical search box method. Soloso was created as a platform for member interaction currently members interface with Soloso by contributing their own content in the form of articles, projects and/or images as well as reviews, profile pages, and feedback.

Here’s a search for Business Planning for the Entrepreneur Architects out there.

In its Beta stage, Soloso is a very interesting concept. It will be interesting to see if it succeeds with the notoriously slow to adopt American architect.


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  1. 1 Ryan Schultz October 12, 2009 at 5:32 PM

    Any theories why Soloso went defunct? Seemed like a good idea.

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