Be Nice!

Besides creating wonderful residential architecture, marketing our firm well and encouraging our clients to spread the word about Fivecat Studio, I believe a major part of our success is “likeability”.

Clients expect architects to design well. They expect us to provide a quality service at a reasonable cost. It is actually rather difficult to distinguish your firm from others.

One thing that sets our firm apart is that people like us. We’re nice. I just had a client tell me the other day that she felt that we were “real” and “down to earth”. I tell my employees often…”be nice!”

Apparently “likeability” is a skill set, not a gift. I credit my mom and dad for raising me well, but according to an article in this week’s AIArchitect, “likeability” can be learned at any age… and if you’re interested in succeeding, it’s well worth the lessons.

From AIArchitect:

Here’s what we know about likeable people:

  • They are more successful in business and in life.
  • They get elected, promoted, and rewarded more often than those less likable.
  • They close more sales and make more money.
  • They get better service from all types of service providers, including doctors and other health care providers (which means they may live longer as well!).

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