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I enjoyed participating as a panelist today, discussing How Businesses Can Use “New Media” to Grow. The event was coordinated by the Westchester County Association. Nancy Shenker, founder and President of The ON Switch, did a superb job as moderator. My fellow panelists, both much more knowledgeable of the subject than I, were Lena West, founder and CEO of xynoMedia and Howard Greenstein, co-founder of Social Media Club.

Nancy invited me to discuss my experience using social media as part of our marketing strategy at Fivecat Studio. Using screenshots of, my Living Well in Westchester blog, this blog and my Squidoo lens, I explained that our entire online presence supports our effort to build Fivecat Studio into the most recognized, most respected brand of residential architecture in the Westechester / Fairfield region (and eventually beyond).

The time we have invested online has paid off. A Google search for Westchester Architects will provide three separate links referring to “Mark R. LePage” or “Fivecat Studio” on the number one results page. And that does not include our AdWords link, also prominently featured on the first page. Perform a search at Google Blog Search and you will find similar results.

Many hours of web development and blogging has put Fivecat Studio in the position to be found online by our prospects every time.

I hope everyone attending found that the event was worth their time and left with some inspiration to start their own work online. If anyone has more questions about what we do at Fivecat Studio, either online or off, you are welcome to email me.

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