CAD Software for Architects

Considering a change in CAD software? Autodesk is not the only game in town. Here’s a list of the top CAD programs for architects (in alphabetical order):

Archicad 10 by Graphisoft

AutoCAD Architecture by Autodesk

AutoCAD LT 2008 by Autodesk

Chief Architect 10 by Chief Architect, Inc.

DataCAD by DataCAD LLC

DigiCad 3D by Interstudio

Domus.Cad 14 by Interstudio

Revit Architecture by Autodesk

TurboCAD Pro 12 by Broadcaster

VectorWorks Architect 12 by Nemetschek

And for your PDA, there’s PocketCAD 4.0 by Metris

Bonus: If you haven’t yet downloaded the free version of Google SketchUp, do it now. It’s the easiest 3D modeler you’ll ever use.

And remember, Apple now feature Intel processors in their MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Pro, which means you’re not limited to a PC either.

Do you have a favorite CAD program? Share your recommendation by clicking the “comments” link above.


1 Response to “CAD Software for Architects”

  1. 1 Patrick Hayden October 25, 2008 at 9:04 PM

    For computerized drafting one can’t beat Microsoft. It’s elegant, intelligent software but I hear it’s pricey.

    I like Archicad for 3-D but find it’s version 9 more primitive when it comes to drafting. I do like to draft over a 3-D model. That’s ideal CAD in my mind and Archicad does provide that.

    I haven’t used the recent release Archicad 12. I hope the 2-D drafting functions are a little less clunky. For example, I find it difficult to draw clapboard horizontal lines. They are difficult to keep orthagonal under the multiple line function.

    For cranking out 3-D interiors or exteriors though, I find it hard to beat.

    I look forward to trying Sketch Up. I hear great things about it.

    I haven’t tried the

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