5 Tips on Word of Mouth

Traditionally, architects have found clients through word of mouth (WOM). Wouldn’t it be great if we could learn how to improve our chances of being talked about? The Word of Mouth Basic Training (WOMBAT) blog has an interesting post today about Gary Stein of Ammo Marketing and his take on Taking Awareness to the Next Level.

Your prospects may know your firm exists, but they may not contact you until their friend says, “Hey… I heard about this great architect.”

Gary gives us 5 tips on turning a general awareness of your brand to all out word of mouth conversations:

  1. WOM is the execution of a relationship strategy.
  2. Surprise drives WOM.
  3. Suspension of disbelief drives WOM.
  4. Doubt drives WOM.
  5. Community is a brand asset — treat it as such.

Read the WOMBAT blog for more on Gary’s tips.

How do you use word of mouth? Do you cultivate it? Or do you just cross your fingers and hope they’re talking about you?

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