How You Do It

“The magic, and the way in which you win the hearts and minds of your clients, is how you do it.” That’s what John over at Duct Tape Marketing posts today.

Clients see us as all the same. One architect is just like another. We are all expected to be wonderfully talented designers. We are expected to know the codes and technical details required to construct safe and healthy buildings. In the eyes of our clients, we are all the same…unless we do something to stand out from the crowd.

That something is “how we do it”.

My firm does it differently than the rest. One example is our pre-design process. Before we design, before we sketch our first line, we perform a process of information gathering that involves a questionnaire, photo collecting and a collaborative programming meeting.

Sounds just like what you do, right?

But it’s not.

We’ve developed a process that’s fun. It’s exciting. It’s interesting. It’s an “experience”. Our clients have a great time. They feel invested in the project and we obtain all the information we need to design a great house.

Then, as a bonus, our clients tell their friends about the fun they had. A fun construction project is unexpected; something that makes Fivecat Studio stand out from the crowd – like a Purple Cow.

How do you do it differently? Share your thoughts and ideas by clicking the “comments” link above this post.


2 Responses to “How You Do It”

  1. 1 susan March 26, 2007 at 4:38 AM

    GREAT blog. I am not quite sure where on your blog you opened comments up to other design professionals, but that’s where I fit in, so I look forward to commenting on a regular basis.

    As to this question, I feel it is usually ideas, multiple, good, ideas that can be the catalyst toward finding common ground with a client as well as exhibiting enthusiasm. I know for me, the two go hand in hand. I offer up multiple ideas because I am enthusiastic about the possibilities. Fun…..definitely. Fun is a good thing and something into get into the mix wherever possible (ok, not when the front door has been delayed for the third time-maybe the second?) but yes, fun should be part of the equation!

  2. 2 susan March 26, 2007 at 4:41 AM

    “…something to put into the mix….”


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