BAM…Publicity Generated!

Last week, I posted my favorite business and marketing blogs. Catching my link to his blog, Scott Ginsberg took a tour through Entrepreneur Architect and found my post referencing a recent article in Architect magazine about getting publicity. He left an interesting comment.

At his blog, Scott “shares ideas, stories and observations from his speeches, articles and books on how to MAXIMIZE personal and professional approachability – one conversation at a time.”

A self-proclaimed “pseudo-publicity whore”, here is Scott’s take on the subject of press releases.

Press releases suck because:

1. They give no value
2. About a million of them come out every day
3. They’re time constrained
4. Nobody cares

I’ve done them. Unless you’re a huge company, they don’t work.

Now, maybe I don’t know how to write them. I’m sure a big PR firm who knows how to position a press release to the right media might work, but that’s a lot of money.

WSJ, FastCompany, COSMO, Inc., all those pubs I was QUOTED in because I was an EXPERT. The way you become an EXPERT is by blogging EVERY SINGLE DAY and WRITING on your area of expertise in the form of article, blogs, ebooks, etc. If you do that every day for 6 months, they will seek you out.

(I think.)

What do you think of Scott’s 6-month publicity generation program? He walks the talk and here I am telling you all about him.

BAM…publicity generated!


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