The Pain Level Chart

A trip to Northern Westchester Hospital Center today (everyone is fine now, thanks – a story for another day) got me thinking about systems and how important they are to a successful business. Whether that business is helping patients feel more comfortable or designing a home for a young family, properly designed systems can ensure a consistent, predictable result…every time.

In the hospital, everything is located in its proper place. Every piece of equipment is labeled with maintenance information, an inspection date and the initials of the individual responsible for the work. Each drawer is labeled with its contents and the exact location of each item.

Every employee knew exactly what to do and when. The registration process, the fresh naturally lit room, the nurses’ uniforms, the printed “pain level chart”, even paying for parking ; it was all planned and choreographed. From our very first point of contact, until we walked through the automatic exit door, the experience was smooth and comforting, just like a hospital should be…and it was all done by using systems.

How can systems be put in place to make your firm run more smoothly?


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