Apple for Architecture

I have been using PCs with Microsoft operating systems since purchasing my first PC in 1992. We still use Dell PCs with Windows XP at the studio.

When I hired John Whalen, our first Project Manager, he started preaching the virtues of Apple computers. I never considered Apple for the studio, because they would not run AutoCAD.

Every time one of the PCs crash (at least once a week), John taunts me about the “darkside” of Microsoft. So, I decided to give Apple a try and bought Annmarie an Apple iBook G4 laptop.


Now I understand why Apple users are so dedicated to their brand. We purchased it about 12 months ago, unpacked it, turned it on and haven’t shut it down since (except for travel). Not one crash. No lock ups. No error messages. Nothing. We love it. in fact, I am writing this post with the iBook.

The PCs at the studio are reaching their limits and it’s about time for replacement… and yes, we are planning to switch everything over to Apple. The new Intel Dual-Core processor allows us to run AutoCAD, as well as any other Windows based programs such as MS Word and Excel. The wide screen flat panel displays are perfect for CAD work and take up much less workspace than the giant CRT monitors we have now. I think I might miss my weekly Windows breakdown though.

Apple has websites dedicated to small business owners, as well as architects. If you are considering new equipment, I urge you to check out these sites. I think you might be pleasantly surprised at what you find.


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  1. 1 ggwfung March 4, 2007 at 2:54 AM

    Apple control the whole chain – hardware, software, production, addons. It is crash tested the whole way through. That’s why the probs are so minimal.


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