Patience, Promises and the Power of Being Centered

Seth posts How to Succeed in Business (to Business). He writes about the importance of patience, not overpromising and finding one thing that clients need, then being the very best at that one thing.

I think its pretty good advice for us architects as well. Anyone practicing architecture for more than a few months knows that patience is a prerequisite. An efficient “process” of architecture is all about decision-making, and in order to obtain decisions from some clients takes the patience of Job. A smile, a deep breath and a complete understanding of the source of the delay will always help a difficult situation.

The fine art of under-promising and over-delivering is a key element in the success of any business. Missing deadlines or, even worse, not managing the expectations of your client will destroy a working relationship in one meeting. Promising a delivery in 4 weeks and delivering in 2 will keep the referrals coming for years.

In the name of diversification, many architects spread their workload across many building types and many markets. Too much diversification will dilute your brand and make it difficult for prospects to recongnize your firm as a market leader. How many times will you see an architect’s promotional material stating, “specializing in residential and commerical architecture”? Can a firm “specialize” in more than one market? Without being centered and focused, can a firm develop the skills required to be “the best”? What do you think?

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