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The February issue of Architect magazine includes an article written by Fred Bernstein titled, Getting The Publicity You Need.

In December, Claire Whitaker closed the doors of The Kreisberg Group, a P.R. firm she lead as president for five years, and moved across town to her new position as the head of public relations for the Pritzker Prize winning architect, Santiago Calatrava. Here are six tips from the article for architects trying to attract publicity without spending a lot of money.

1. Send out regular mailings.

2. Publicize losing competition entries.

3. Piggyback on your clients PR budget.

4. Talk to the client in advance about whether you’ll be allowed to publish.

5. Word of mouth is the most important thing.

6. Get friendly with journalists but don’t plague them.

Check out this month’s issue of Architect magazine for the entire article.


1 Response to “Getting Publicity”

  1. 1 HELLO, my name is Scott March 7, 2007 at 7:28 AM

    Hey Mark – sweet blog. First time here. Thanks for the link love.

    Coming from a pseudo-publicity whore, here’s my take:

    Press releases suck because:

    1. They give no value
    2. About a million of them come out every day
    3. They’re time constrained
    4. Nobody cares

    I’ve done them. Unless you’re a huge company, they don’t work.

    Now, maybe I don’t know how to write them. I’m sure a big PR firm who knows how to position a press release to the right media might work, but that’s a lot of money.

    WSJ, FastCompany, COSMO, Inc., all those pubs I was QUOTED in because I was an EXPERT. The way you become an EXPERT is by blogging EVERY SINGLE DAY and WRITING on your area of expertise in the form of article, blogs, ebooks, etc. If you do that every day for 6 months, they will seek you out.

    (I think.)


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