AIA Launches New Marketing Campaign

I received an e-mail today from Phil Simon, AIA National Managing Director, Marketing and Promotion about the new national marketing campaign. Here’s what he wrote:

Dear AIA Colleague:

The 2007 national advertising campaign began last week with the first of more than 430 commercial radio network spots that will air until the end of June. A trade magazine ad campaign to build on the radio ads is also underway in six distinct market sectors where architects offer their services. To learn more about the 2007 radio and magazine advertising effort, please visit the members-only side of and click on the Advertising Campaign section.

Additionally, I am pleased to announce the launch of a new web site—How Design Works —that extends the radio and magazine advertising messages to the Internet. Developed with guidance from the 2006 Advocacy Committee of the national AIA Board of Directors to test the effectiveness of the Internet as a communications platform, this new online component of our effort to educate the public about the experience and process of working with an AIA member and the value of good design is ready for all to see. I encourage you to browse and share the site widely with your colleagues, clients, prospects, friends, and family.

The objective of How Design Works is to show how AIA architects are approachable, are good listeners, and that they welcome and respect the input of their clients. The site uses videos case studies to show the interplay and the experience. How Design Works shows satisfied clients and their AIA architect describing in their own words how they worked together from start to successful finish.

As the person moves from curiosity and delves deeper into the site, we begin to introduce terms architects use to describe their services. We also provide links to user-friendly decision-making tools, such as “Questions to Ask Your Architect” and “You and Your Architect” as well as a link to the AIA Architect Finder service.

Visitors can also share the site with others via an e-mail link or provide feedback directly to the AIA. This will allow us to hear directly from those who interact with the site. Plans for announcing How Design Works to the national news media are finalized. Already, we have begun optimizing the site for easy indexing by the major search engines and will begin paid online promotion of the site in March. Please know that we will capture a rich pool of data to measure the effectiveness of the site which will be used to help determine if other video case histories will be added.

The first two projects being showcased are:

Single-Family Residential Sector
Project: The Woods Residence: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Architect: Sarah Nettleton, AIA
Firm: Sarah Nettleton Architects
Note: Sarah is an AIA/Taunton Press joint imprint author. This residence will be featured in Sarah’s forthcoming book The Simple Home.

K-12 Education Sector
Project: University Charter High School, New Jersey City University. Jersey City, New Jersey
Architects: Michael Shatken, AIA, LEED-AP, Merilee Meacock, AIA, LEED-AP
Firm: KSS Architects, Princeton, New Jersey
Note: This project earned a Merit Award in the 2005/2006 AIA Committee on Architecture for Education Design Awards.

A broadband Internet connection is required to fully experience the site. So turn up your speakers and click on . And please remember to forward the link to a colleague, friend, client or prospect or use the Share this Site button.

We are confident that How Design Works actively engages those interested in learning more about good design and working with an AIA architect. It provides the tools and resources that can help them better understand that good design makes a difference.

Please reply to this email if I can answer any questions.


Phil Simon
Managing Director, Marketing and Promotion
(202) 626-7463


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